Nautical water filter

These filters have as their mission the protection of the motor, the feeding system and injectors, its function is to avoid the passage of solid particles to the motor and also prevents and prevent the water from passing into the combustion chamber. A nautical water filter or also called a water separator can be installed not only on pleasure boats and merchant ships but also on the big engines of race vehicles.

Water Filter Function

These filters are designed for the performance of a double function as it is to allow the filtration of solid particles or only separates the water that is contained in the fuel, unlike the common paper filter that has a minimum porosity, which It serves to capture these particles that are very small you can hardly appreciate them.

The separation of water is a procedure, it will depend on how the filter has been manufactured, some of these filters are manufactured to subject the liquid to centrifugal pressure and others are manufactured only for decanting, where the objective is to get the water , which is more dense than the fuel, is in a place where the liquid can be drained by means of a key.

Recommendations for the maintenance of the Water Filter

The maintenance of the water filters consists of the purification of the rings or keys that are located in the lower areas, in such a way that the water is allowed to flow and in this way it will prevent the fuel from spilling in the bilge ship’s. Whenever water is shown or found in the water filter, this procedure must be done, its location is done quickly and easily, motivated by the color in which the fuel is converted.

When there is a lot of water in the water filter , you must be very careful as this is a warning signal and is indicating that there may be a crack in the pump or that this is presenting difficulties in your tanks.

How to change the Water Filter

To carry out the filter change, the fuel inlet and outlet must be cut off, when there is no liquid, the upper cover and the cartridge are replaced, replacing it with one that has similar characteristics, the function of the cartridge is the filtration of the impurities of the fuel.